Running rescuefox

I had kind of a battle with my laptop to run the rescuefox demo game. But with the help of the community(big thanks to humph and ack) I was able to have everything installed, and finally able to run it.

Some of the key configuration points:
In the about:config page on firefox, I set the security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy to false and webgl.force-enabled to true. The first option I’m still not sure what it does, but the webgl.force-enable I understand that forces the browser to run pages that use webgl, even when the hardware doesn’t provide support.
I have an integrated graphics card, so that might be the reason why webgl is not supported on my laptop. Anyway, by changing those two settings, firefox now can run webgl pages, and the good part: it didn’t crash… yet :)

Other important points that I’ve learned:

  • Git supports inclusion of external projects and libraries.
  • This feature is very handy. By dynamicly including modules to the project, anybody who forks the repo will have up to date libraries, since it is downloading the libraries directly from the source, it just makes things a lot easier.