Moving towards 0.2 Release

For the last few days I kind just sat back and made a reflection of the first month that went by so far.

I feel that right now the introduction phase is over.

  • We created a blog.
  • Started hanging on IRC
  • Sign-up on github
  • Installed git
  • Found an open source project

Now is the time to actually start coding and contributing something.
I guess that’s why the course is structured with different releases
The first one is to get things going, and as the course progresses the releases will get more and more complete.
I found myself in a situation  that if I wanted to contribute something useful, I would have to take some time off and learn the language, in my case JavaScript.
Even though to set up a hello world program in JavaScript takes less than five minutes. To LEARN the language is not that easy.

Being a functional language with prototypal inheritance doesn’t help much when we were introduced to programming by C/C++ and Java.

Here are just a few topics that at first sounded very strange, but after studying them a little it’ s was possible to see how powerful they were:

  • Recursion
  • Closure
  • Callbacks
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • Eventloop architecture

Anyway, here is a list of resources that I found very useful:


High Performance JavaScript

Javascritp the good parts

Pro Javascritp design patterns 

The essential guide to html5

Html5 up and running

Pro html5

Mozilla developer network

Nicholas Zakas

Douglas Crockford

###Youtube channels
YUI library
Google tech talks
Google Developers