Installing Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine

As easy as may seem in some tutorials out there of how to install Windows 8 on a virtual machine, I struggled a bit to get it working. It took me a couple of days to have the windows 8 running on my PC.

I tought that would be a no brainer installing windows 8. All the tutorials were saying that all one needed was the ISO and either the VMware/Virtualbox

First I chose to go with Virtual Box, since is the one I use to run a few linux distros.

I created the VM, loaded the ISO, and then got this error message:

I searched but couldn’t find any information about it.

Unable to run it on virtual box, I tried to install it on the VM Server. Again I got an error message:

And again there was no solution online

The only hint I found after going through a few forums was that the Vmware Workstation supposed to install the Windows 8 withouth any erros. However, it required a license key, and the trial version was only for 30 days (if somebody finds the solution for the errors above please send me a message I’m not going to pay R$199.99 for the key ;P )

For the third time in a row, now in the VMware Workstation, I tried to install it, and wasn’t sucesfull. This time there was the following message:

The good news is that there was a solution for this problem.

Because the VMs don’t have an option for a Windows 8 guest operating system, all the tutorials recommend that when configuring the VM the best option was to chose Windows 7 as the OS. That was causing the error. The solution is very simple: by selecting “other” operating system when configuring the VM, windows 8 will install smoothly withouth any error messages.

For the first two errors it seemed to be some problem with the BIOS, and was happening in older computers.

The final result looks like this:

If you are thinking about installing Windows 8 , you can find the 32 and 64 bit version here

VMware workstation here