Getting involved in a project

Now I have decided, I’ll work on the Paladin project

After just watching the paladin IRC channel for about a week , I realized that was time to get involved.
At the beginning I thought that by just being on the channel and reading the discussions would be enough to get started in the project, I was wrong.

Now I’m starting to understand all the videos I watched last week. That’s is all about the community, without the community there is no project.
I was amazed to see that in just on quick chat with ack, I was able to clarify some questions I had about the project and find enough information to get me busy for at least a week.

I must say, it’s hard chatting about something that that I have no idea how it works.  A lot of times I feel lost, like I don’t belong to the place, but at the same time I feel more confident every second. I’m starting to understand a few pieces, and that’s encouraging. Especially knowing that there is a community to give me support and help.

One funny thing that happened today, was that after asking a few questions on the channel, I realized that would be better if I used ubuntu for the dev instead of windows. So then I powered up my VM and re-installed Ubuntu. During the installation I was remembering the first time I used ubuntu, I had never used any linux distro before, I had no idea how the OS worked, so I played a little bit with the system and then switched back to windows. However, the second time I tried it was a little bit easier, and third time easier then the second, the fourth easier then the third, until one point I felt comfortable enough to use it, and all shell commands, the file structure, installing a program, weren’t things of another world anymore.

The point is that I feel the same thing is happening right now, I’m leaving my comfort zone and entering in a territory that I know nothing about. But just like my experience with linux, I feel that by doing something I don’t know, one day I’ll end up knowing it.