Getting back to BlackBerry development using Momentics

After more than year after publishing an app to the BlackBerry world the Melting Point Labs team is getting back together to add some features to TimesUp

Here are some notes on re-configuring my local dev environment

Building and running the app

  • Building
    • To build the project right click on the project name and select Build
    • The shortchut fn + F10 also initiates a build on the selected project Build
  • Running
    • To run the project right click on the project, select the Run As item and then select BlackBerry C/C++ Application
    • The shortcut shift + command + fn + F11 also runs the app on a given target () Run As

Even after all these time I was able to build and run TimesUp on the latest OS using the latest SDKs


  • Today I’ve updated my phone to version 10.3.2 and a SDK for that version hasn’t been released yet so I can’t run the app on my device with debug symbols
  • Momentics is complaining about some syntax errors which were caused by updates on the SDK


  • Create an account and participate on the official BlackBerry community forums
  • Read the native SDK documentation
  • Find out any updates to QML made in the latest SDK releases
  • Re-familiarize with the the code base