Dockerizing Microservices - FSOSS 2015 Presentation

This year at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium I had the great pleasure of giving a talk with Raffi about our experiences utilizing Docker and Microservice patterns at Cloud Dynamics.

For me it marked a good step since 6 years ago when I moved to Toronto I remember attending FSOSS as a volunteer and at that first event watching the talk from Armen Zambrano’s, at that time a fresh graduate from the Software Development BSD program working at the Mozilla’s office in California. Since then I got inspired to on day graduate from the same program and be a presenter at FSOSS.

Overall the experience was really positive, I saw some old friends from the college days, spoke with a few professors and chatted with other presenters at the speaker’s dinner hosted by Seneca.

Here are the links to the presentation slides and the video recording.